About Coaching

I work with people to help them achieve extra-ordinary and life-affirming results in their professional and/or personal lives.  My clients are high performing individuals or teams, striving for greater success, more fulfilment and better results. Backed up by neuroscience, coaching is future-focused and results-led, and uses techniques and tools tailored to the desired outcomes of each individual or team.

My clients create their own agenda or wish-list and we work together in an open, honest, non-judgemental and confidential environment in order to achieve those aspirations and goals.

The benefits of coaching are:

  • pinpointing your core values and priorities
  • re-connecting you to your passions and inspirations
  • identifying your personal and professional aspirations
  • co-creating a concrete plan for you to reach those aspirations
  • identifying and removing your self-limiting beliefs
  • developing much greater awareness of yourself and others
  • maximising your hidden potential
  • building your self-confidence
  • improving your interpersonal skills at home and work
  • identifying career and life choices that resonate for you
  • achieving a more balanced and fulfilling life for yourself

For many years it has been thought that a high IQ is the best indicator of an individual’s potential success. However, research over the past 30 years has shown that individuals with high emotional intelligence (EQ) and social intelligence are likely to be more successful than individuals with a high IQ but low EQ.  In a world which is more interconnected, more complex and more competitive than ever before, emotional and social intelligence (ESQ) form the foundations for long-term success. It is this which underpins all coaching.

Ultimately my vision is to inspire greater resonance, motivation, happiness and fulfilment in people’s working environments across the music industry and creative sectors – whether in the office or on the stage.  I love enabling individuals and teams to grow and flourish.

My style of coaching is friendly and supportive, underpinned by the rigour and knowledge required to become a professional certified coach.  I co-create an agenda with every client to make sure we have clearly identified desired outcomes.  I design a confidential, non-judgmental coaching space, offering the freedom in which to explore new ideas and engage in conversations which would not otherwise take place.  I coach the whole person, allowing individuals and teams the possibility to see new perspectives and identify new approaches.  I champion my clients and I challenge them where appropriate, and I enable all my clients to dare to dream bigger and better for themselves and their work.

What my clients say

“I greatly appreciate the positive and empowering sessions with Trudy. With a cool head and warm heart, Trudy listens with empathy and is a tremendous source of support for me. She has helped me to successfully figure out my own steps towards both personal and professional goals. Her vast experience in the music business is invaluable.”

AY, Pianist

“Prior to coaching I often felt stressed and anxious, but with Trudy’s positive encouragement and enlightened approach to life in the work place, I found the experience extremely beneficial. I would certainly pursue further coaching and recommend it to others.”

Andy H King

“It is the most valuable thing that I have experienced in my adult life. I am sad that it is over, but I realise that the reality of it is only just beginning.”

Kate Johnson, Communications & Projects Director, Music Sales

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