About Me

If you’re reading this you’re probably looking for some sort of change in your life.  You may already know what that desired change is and be ready to start working with a coach to achieve that.  Or you may not know what it is yet, you just know that you’re ready for something to change.

Either way, I can help you.

I launched my own coaching business in 2014 and have a decade of experience coaching high performing individuals and teams.

Prior to that I spent twenty-five years working in the classical music sector, the last twelve of those in a Board-level position at one of the major London music agencies.

I did work I loved; selling and touring world-class orchestras and artists across the globe and collaborating with industry colleagues in five continents.

But my core values started to shift when my children were in primary school; I knew it was time to stop travelling and spend more time at home supporting them (and my husband!).

Something needed to change…..  After a lot of soul-searching I made the decision to step down from my role, invest in myself and re-train to become a professional coach.

Fast-forward to 2024…… my extensive international experience and cross-cultural understanding informs and inspires my work as a full-time coach, coach-trainer and facilitator.  As well as travelling internationally throughout my working life, my childhood years were spent growing up in Peru, the USA and the UK.  Inclusivity and connection are big values for me.

Today I have the privilege to continue working with talented, high achieving and creative individuals who want the best for themselves and their organisations, whether that’s an orchestral musician, a CEO of an Academy Trust, or a corporate director.  I support individuals to identify and make the changes they yearn for in their professional and/or personal lives.





Trudy Wright Coaching and Consultancy
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