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I am delighted to be an Associate Coach at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama for their external Coaching & Mentoring Training Programmes. These programmes provide professionals, leaders and managers across a wide range of sectors, including cultural, education and health, with coaching skills and tools to help them develop and grow their teams so that they flourish and thrive in today’s highly competitive markets.

Most recently and in response to ground-breaking research about the value of non-musical leadership skills for orchestral musicians (which my Guildhall Associate, Jane Booth, and I undertook in 2019), we have co-created a unique leadership skills training course specifically tailored to orchestral principals and to be launched online in Autumn 2020. The aim of our new training programme, called Leaders on Stage, is to equip orchestral musicians with non-musical leadership skills and techniques that will empower them to lead their sections, from a “people management” point-of-view, with the same mastery as they lead their sections musically.

Click on these links to learn more about Leaders on Stage and the Guildhall Coaching and Mentoring.

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Another important area of work which I’m passionate about supporting is around women’s leadership. I’m especially committed to encouraging and empowering women to fearlessly step into leadership roles.  Often this is just about getting women to see what others already see in them – for some reason we’re very reluctant to acknowledge our strengths and talents.  But, increasingly, women are creating impact at the highest level – just look at the most successful leaders during this global pandemic.  Of course, there’s still much more work to be done, and I’m thrilled to be contributing in a small way to this revolution.

I am pleased to be an Associate Coach with The Diversity Practice and Borderless Coaching.  My work with The Diversity Practice has included supporting them to deliver their first (2016) and then second (2017) Women’s Leadership Programmes for a high profile, global financial and media organisation.



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