Executive Coaching

We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used which created them……” Albert Einstein

I work with people to help them achieve extra-ordinary and life-affirming results in their professional and/or personal lives.

If you’re looking at my website, you’re likely to be a high achieving, hard-working individual, striving for more fulfilment, greater success and better results. Backed up by neuroscience, coaching is primarily future-focused and goal-driven, using techniques and tools tailored to the desired outcomes of each individual.

So what are some of the benefits of coaching with me?

  • greater awareness of your core values, strengths, qualities and talents
  • re-connecting you to your passions and inspirations
  • clarifying your personal and professional aspirations and creating a plan to get there
  • identifying and managing what might be getting in your way of the above
  • spotting any blindspots in your thinking or approach
  • having a “thinking partner” to support you in your decision-making
  • developing your leadership and interpersonal skills
  • building your self-confidence
  • creating a more balanced and fulfilling life for yourself


How I work

Coaching isn’t for the faint-hearted.  It’s for people who are serious about wanting positive change for themselves.  And we know change is hard, even when it’s desired.  My style of coaching is friendly and motivational.  I aim to bring energy and grace, warmth and compassion to the coaching space.

We’ll take some time at the beginning to co-create how we work together, bringing curiosity (rather than judgement) to every session.  You can be reassured that all our discussions are strictly confidential (*), giving you the freedom to explore new ideas and engage in conversations which would not otherwise take place.

With your permission I coach the whole person.

I will champion you – and, with trust at the heart of our powerful collaboration, I’ll challenge you, for the sake of you reaching your goals.

I want you to dare to dream more for yourself and your work.

(*) in line with the ICF code of ethics, all conversations are confidential unless I believe the client could be a danger to themselves and /or others and unless an illegal activity is shared with me.


What my clients say

“Trudy is exceptional at what she does; truly exceptional. I approached Trudy at a time in my life when I felt I’d veered off the tracks a little having roared through a very meteoric and fast-paced decade both personally and professionally. I was seeking to re-calibrate, re-connect with my values and ultimately re-find myself. Trudy has remarkable intuition, a depth of knowledge, and a genuine interest and personal warmth, and our work together has played a part bigger than she knows in opening the next chapter in my life. Thank you Trudy – I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone.”

AP, former Director of Virgin Wines UK plc

“The coaching sessions have shown me the value of making time and space to really think deeply about an issue rather than rushing from one meeting or task to another.  As a result of the sessions, I know I have been better equipped to support colleagues in my Trust as they have faced the challenges of leading their schools.   The sessions have also encouraged me to be kinder to myself and more self-confident in who I am and for what I bring to my role and to my profession.  Thank you Trudy!”

Ben Bartlett, CEO, Hinchley Wood Learning Partnership (HWLP)

“I came to coaching in order to gain some clarity and direction in my professional, creative and personal life. I found the whole process immensely constructive, empowering and fun. Trudy creates a space to interrogate unhelpful behaviours, like procrastination, and develop strategies to counteract them without blame or judgment. There is also a real focus on positive psychology which was really motivating and energising. Ultimately, Trudy helped me find a balance of personal, professional and creative priorities which has resulted in real contentment and fulfilment.

Trudy has many years of experience, and this is clear in her calm, knowledgeable and compassionate approach. Her insights, exercises and goal-setting are invaluable. What I personally valued was the invitation to hold myself accountable to a process and invest time and effort in it. This really worked for me. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Johanna Whelehan, Workplace Mediator and Facilitator

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