Coaching Programmes

Amplify your Impact

    Take these 4 steps to find out what Coaching can do for you:

    1. Send me an email at to book a complimentary, no-strings-attached Chemistry Session (online or in-person)
    2. I’ll send you a short questionnaire to prepare for this session
    3. We have a 60 minute Chemistry Session (online or in-person)
    4. We decide whether we’re a good fit for each other (this is an important decision for both of us as the success of the coaching is dependent on the potential quality and depth of the coaching relationship)


    If you decide to go ahead, we’ll discuss how the coaching process will work best for you.   I create bespoke programmes for my 1:1 coaching clients.  At the same time, you can expect this overall shape to the coaching process:



    How it works

    Coaching programmes range from 3 months, 6 months and 12 months in length, depending on your needs and reasons for the work.  Some of my clients work with me for much longer and we “re-contract” as we go along, to identify the new desired outcomes for the coaching.

    There are a few “coaching principles” which form the basis for how I work:

    • I believe people are naturally creative resourceful and whole and I’ll work with you from that place.  My work with every single client during the past 10 years continues to prove this point.
    • We work together as partners and collaborators, in service of your desired goals and outcomes
    • We are equal partners and collaborators – remember, you are the expert of you.
    • We co-create an environment for the work that’s going to enable you to get the very best out of the proces
    • Coaching shakes things up; be ready for that.


    Your next step

    Take your next step and contact me.


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