Team Coaching


Are you working in a high performing team, but sometimes feel that not everyone is on the same page?

Is your team motivated by a shared sense of purpose?

What are you doing to sustain high performance from your team?


When people choose to excel or operate at a consistently high level in their chosen field, the likelihood is that they will have turned to a professional to help them get there – and stay there.  Sportsmen/women hire coaches to help them achieve their physical and mental peak in order to become an elite team or high performing athlete.  Pop stars, musicians, actors, dancers and many people in public life hire specialist professionals to enable them to reach their best potential.  So why wouldn’t any team (or individual), serious about their life and work, benefit from having someone alongside them to help encourage, motivate, challenge and give feedback to help them become their very best selves?

How we work together

Teams do their best work when they have a shared understanding of their purpose and vision, and can operate within a culture which allows them to flourish and thrive. Creating and sustaining this culture is key therefore, and I love working with teams to do just this.

I am a trained Organisation and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC) and this highly effective approach focuses on the relationship systems within the organisation rather than on specific individuals.   In other words, it puts a sharp focus on the collective team and a soft focus on the individuals within the team.  It’s an inclusive and non-threatening way of working and requires all team members to be part of the process.

I offer a range of tailor-made programmes for teams, loosely based around the following topics:

  • Vision and purpose;
  • Values and alignment
  • Effective communication
  • Strengths-led teamwork
  • Inspire and motivate

I also work with teams on a 4-6 month coaching programme which could include the following topics:

  • Vision, values and mission
  • Team alignment
  • Effective communication
  • Toxic behaviours
  • Identifying team strengths
  • Creating and cultivating team culture

For further information about team coaching and fees please call me or email me.

Organisations I work with include:


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Your next step

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